Information for Flotilla Vessels

POSITIONED VESSELS: Vessels positioned off shore will need to arrive at Souter (Lizard Point) between 11 and 11.30 on Saturday the 22nd of June.

Report to Event Control as you pass the Tyne or Wear piers (call sign: Event Control), advising your speed & ETA. On approaching the event area please await instruction regarding moving into your final position.

VESSELS UNDER SAIL: Can join vessels under sail on each side of the flotilla before 12.00 (See image below). 

COMMUNICATIONS: The VTS controller in Event Control (Callsign ‘Event Control’) will co-ordinate and maintain the positioning of vessels on VHF Channel 10

Safety and rescue craft will operate on VHF Channel 11 and will be co-ordinated for safety and rescue activities by HM Coastguard (Callsign ‘Event Control’). Event Control (Coastguard) 07860 166821

Humber Coastguard will monitor VHF Channel 16 as usual.

Police Launch Northumbria: (Call sign 'Police Launch Northumbria') will monitor VHF channels 10 and 11). Tel. 07775 821819

SAFETY: Health & Safety vessels from the RNLI, Red Seal Rescue, Sunderland Yacht Club and Northumbria Police Marine Unit are acting to provide safety cover and stewarding of the event. The Marine and Coastguard Agency will also be present, both on-shore and off-shore. Please follow any reasonable requests given by these organisations, who are present for your safety and that of others. 

Each individual captain is responsible for the safety of their vessel, crew and passengers (including a decision as to whether sea conditions allow you to participate). Any guidance given relating to vessel positioning and movements is simply that – guidance – and should be assessed by the captain in relation to weather conditions on the day, the number of craft, and the capabilities of their vessel and crew. If the vessel captain considers a given position or suggested movement unsafe then they should advise the on-shore controller accordingly, and act to ensure the safety of their vessel and those around them. All vessels should obey the International Collision Regulations at all times. 


No closer than  10m contour / 350m from shore.

Maintain a listening watch on VHF Ch10 (Event Control)

Establish communication with “Event control” before entering area & be prepared to follow the reasonable requests throughout.

Be prepared to follow the reasonable requests of safety & associated craft, and any instructions given by attending police (“Northumbria”).

Are advised to maintain minimum 50m clearance from any other vessel

Proceed at a maximum speed (in the event area of 4 knots), but are requested once in the area to anchor / drift / or otherwise maintain relative position to other craft 

Keep well clear of the DFDS Ferry Princess Seaways, and in no event pass across her bow.

In the event of an emergency the Coast guard will take conduct of any safety/search / rescue operations, including tasking attending safety craft. 

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Rough Principle of Flotilla Layout

Rough Principle of Flotilla Layout