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Klara - Belgian Classical Radio 17/9 2013: Late Night Lab

DW (Deutsche Welle): German National Radio: A requiem for Foghorns by Robin The Fog

Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish National Newspaper): Rekviem for et tågehorn, by Bjarne Nørum

Steampunk’s Last Blast at the Souter Foghorn Requiem by Robin Fearon: WeLove-Digital

Full front page, Danish national newspaper Politiken/ Kultur: Dansk kunstner arrangerer 50 skibe i kæmpemæssig tågehornskoncert  

Foghorn Requiem - Return of The Grand Old Man - by Robin Fogg

South Shields meets the sublime: A report on the Foghorn Requiem by Sarah Angliss

Robin The Fog for BBC World Service 

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BBC Front Row

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The Telegraph:   Audio: Listen to Souter Lighthouse's foghorn ahead of Requiem

The Telegraph:  A requiem for long-silent foghorns? This is going

to be such a blast

Shields Gazette: SLIDESHOW: The Foghorn Requiem in pictures

BBC News :    In pictures: Foghorn Requiem in South Shields

BBC News : Souter Lighthouse to host 'Foghorn Requiem'

BBC News: In pictures: Foghorn Requiem in South Shields

Guardian : World's strangest orchestra - a foghorn, brass bands and 50 ships

M Magazine : Foghorn Requiem to be performed in South Tyneside

Newcastle University : School of marine science and technology

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Sunderland Echo : Oddball orchestra to use Souter Lighthouse foghorn as an instrument

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